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Featured Designs from Esprimoj - Expressions Esperantic

Below you will find a few designs that I think are amiong my best, but they may get lost among the dozens available on CafePress.

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Montrataj Desegnajxoj de Esprimoj - Expressions Esperantic

Sube vi trovos kelkajn desegnajxojn kiuj mi opinias estas el miaj plej bonaj, sed ili eble perdigxos meze de la dekoj haveblaj cxe CafePress.

Iru al Esprimoj-n cxe

And later, the humans found out that the dolphins were speaking in Esperanto
Earthday 2008 Care for our planet
Eat, Sleep, Speak (Esperanto)
Esperanto Kokido
Take me to your leader
Try Peace